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Useful Information

What happens if toilet paper is not used?

Soft and smooth, the hygienic toilet paper is notable for its high usability. Its subtleness makes it comfortable to use. At the same time, it is highly water-proof due to its double-layered structure.
• Some part of the body remains humid, so fungi appear to develop mycosis.
• Fungi cause different inflammations and bad smell, which disturbs your feeling of comfort all day long.
• Such microbes as staphylococcus and streptococcus, and intestinal bacilli enter the body
• Their number increasing inside, microbes lay the grounds for such fearful bacterial diseases as dysentery (bloody diarrhea), plague, typhus, and typhoid fever (an infectious  gastric disease similar to typhoid fever).
• You will feel unpleasant itch in your body.

How to escape from microbes ?

One mustn’t forget cleanness can prevent a lot of diseases. First of all, we should note no other place has as many microbes as a toilet does. Therefore, we should develop the habitual usage of toilet paper. Correctly applied toilet habits such as using toilet paper play an important role for personal hygiene and prevent infectious diseases. Otherwise, various inflammatory and infectious diseases develop not only in you, but also among your surroundings. If toilet paper is not used, miscellaneous microbes collect on hands and nails and spread dangerous diseases everywhere you go. Besides, if only water is used in toilet, your body remains partly wet, which later brings to a number of bacteriological fungi to accumulate, that start mycosis hardly treated.

      Itch is a result, whose bad smell makes you feel uncomfortable and takes people away from you.
To avoid all the above-mentioned, you should follow these rules in toilets:

•Use toilet paper to thoroughly clean and, if needed, cover the toilet seat.
•Wash yourself well, and then use toilet paper to dry your skin.
•Finally, do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

There is something invisible on kitchen tissues

It is your Assistant Number One in the kitchen and bathroom.
It absorbs water quickly and has a number of other practical features. It can remove any liquid stain. Comfortable to use, just one soft tissue is enough to dry a stain out.  These kerchiefs easily absorb any kitchen spill such as water, milk, tea and so on, but will stay dry enough not to stick to your hand.

According to a research by Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, fabric towels used to clean kitchen accessories have hundreds of thousands of bacteria even if they are washed daily.
The research tested hygienic features of paper and fabric kerchiefs. It has been scientifically proved paper kerchiefs have no bacteria on, which means they are advantageous to use in contrast to fabric towels.
Water accumulated in long-term-used fabric kerchiefs creates nurturing conditions for bacteria. Wet environment, which is the best for bacteria, forms on such kerchiefs used to clean kitchen utensils.
Even washed a few times daily, fabric towels still have invisible bacteria on, so it is not a remedy. Countless bacteria stay on your hands after every contact and cast doubt on health of yours and your family.
Using paper tissues doesn’t bring to the danger. The same research shows they are highly hygienic, used only once and so not washed. That is to say paper tissues help to prevent from bacteria on your hands and around you.

What else to do for kitchen cleanness?

Prevent bacterial dissemination:
• When cooking, wash utensils in hot and soaped water and dry with paper tissues
• Before cooking, wash your hands and dry them with a paper tissue

Pay attention to food hygiene

• Clean frozen fat food remains in a fridge, under running water, or in a microwave oven
•Put food remains into a fridge within two hours and use it within 3-4 days

Pay attention to the cleanness of kitchen utensils

• Before cooking, wash utensils you are going to use in hot and soaped water and dry them with paper tissues
•To avoid bacterial development on your hardboards, use a special one for meat
• Wash and dry used dishes within two hours after meals because bacteria develop on those soon.
 The aromatized and aroma-free handkerchiefs are always with you for hygienic purposes. Soft and subtle, they will be to the point always and everywhere.  Of three layers, the handkerchiefs are beautiful and attractive.