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Let’s have the Sun Paper against Microbes!

With regard to the commencement of the 2008-2009 academic year, the Azersun Holding Group of Companies has successfully implemented a social project,

 Let’s have the Sun Paper against Microbes!

Prepared since October, the project was mostly aimed to develop preliminary students’ toilet hygiene, a part of daily one. 11 schools, one from each of Baku’s districts,  participated in the project, prepared together with the Baku Department for Education and the Anti-Plague Station of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Mostly developed for the second year’s students, the project was implemented in two stages, or twice at each school.

At the first stage, students were talked to by doctors from the Anti-Plague Station. Students were informed of general medical and hygienic issues and microbes and diseases mostly found in toilets. At the end of the stage, students were presented Sun Paper Booklets containing information about microbes, diseases and protection measures, Sun Paper bookmarks and Sun Paper toilet tissues. To motivate students for better awareness, they were promised more presents at the second stage.
At the second stage, students answered a 10-question test from the Sun Paper Booklet and then watched short plays prepared for the project by the Children’s Theatre for learning cleanness habits with fun. Upon the test results, top three students were awarded. The awards for the first, second and third places were a bicycle, game computer and watch, respectively.
After all, 792 students from 11 schools were talked to during the project from October 25 to December 16.

Participant schools:
Schools 13 (Yasamal District),  239 (Sabayil District), 166 (Garadag District), 23 (Nesimi  District), 276 (Binagadi District), 177 (Narimanov District), 32 (Nizami District), 169 (Sabunchu District), 181 (Azizbayov District), 17 (Khatai District), and 279 (Surakhanı District).